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Scale your Magento app with Elastic Beanstalk

7 November 2014

Few days ago i spoke at MageDay 2014 here in Italy with Gennaro Vietri from Bitbull. I discuss about scale PHP application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
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25 October 2014

Few days ago i spoke at Symfony Day 2014 here in Italy. I discuss about Behat and Symfony2 in order to adopt BDD in our projects.
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LinuxDay 2014 in Turin - My Slides

25 October 2014

Today i spoke at LinuxDay 2014 here in Turin Italy. My talk with Francesco Ficili is about develop application with Raspberry Pi from the Hardware to Software implementation.
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Scale your PHP app with Elastic Beanstalk

24 October 2014

Few days ago i spoke at PHP CloudParty 2014 here in Italy. I discuss about scale PHP application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
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AWS CloudWatch local monitor agent

20 June 2014

When you manage an online application one the most important thing is resources monitoring in order to collect and understand internal metrics of your application and trigger alarms in case of problems (close feedback loop -> machine to machine networks). AWS CloudWatch is an interesting starting point but effectively send all your events directly to the cloud monitor can impact on your application.
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CloudParty 2014 – Deploy & Orchestrate infrastructures on Cloud Providers

26 May 2014

On 21th of May i was one speaker of Cloud Party 2014 in Milan Italy. My speech was about deploy and orchestrate infrastructures on cloud providers. In particular my presentation is mainly focused on OpenStack but you can move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) or any other cloud provider.
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Raspberry Pi Navigation Shield is out!

19 May 2014

Me and Francesco Ficili are working on different Raspberry Pi shields that helps us to solve common problems. The navigation shield add a GPS module and the inertial measurement unit in a stackable format for the Raspberry Pi board.
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Symfony2 Maintenance Bundle

26 April 2014

Today i released a Symfony2 bundle that handle maintenance pages. When i look for other maintenance bundles, different authors solve the problem cutting off requests using the event manager and many other PHP techniques. The problem with this approach is that effectively, we want to stop the application completely, who is telling us that the application layer is correctly working?
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BDD – WordPress Behat Extension

6 April 2014

A month ago I discuss with a customer about BDD, Behavior-Driven Development, and i show our exciting results with this approach. He was extremely interested in because he knows how many time a company waste during a product development because of missing business expectations. They uses WordPress as a framework and develop several plugins in order to realize custom features.
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CloudConf (Cloud Conference) 2014 – Turin

3 April 2014

Today i was one of CloudConf 2014 speakers. My talk is about Disaster Recovery & Cloud. Cloud Computing is very interesting for Disaster Recovery plans because of several features of Cloud infrastructures, like scalability, pay as you go etc.
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